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My practice has shifted from exhibition design to drawing. I worked in the museum and exhibition field from 1986 to 2022 gaining experience in private practice and at the British Museum. In 1998 I set up my own studio and worked with many national collections and smaller museums. In my role as exhibition designer my clients included the Courtauld Collection, the National Gallery, the Royal Academy, Wellcome Collection and the Museum of London.



‘The Great Imagining’. (2022) Group exhibition

‘Continuum’ at the Cello Factory (2022) Group exhibition

‘Infectious Ink’ (2022) Graphic score for Douglas Benford

‘Multiples of Four’ (2022) Graphic score for the Ligeti Quartet

36 Elevations (2021) Artist’s book

Nine Day Score’ (2021) Graphic score for Steve Beresford

Cover art for musicians. (2021-22) Mark Wastell, Graham Dunning, Antony Hurley.

'InCon with (14). 'Ting for Dot" (2019). Event and exhibition with Neil Ferguson

‘Both And’ (2019) Exhibition with Geoff Winston

‘Drawings and Other Noises’ (2016) Exhibition with Geoff Winston



My  book 'The Delirious Museum' (I. B. Tauris) was published in January 2006 and was published in Italian by Johan & Levi Editore in 2017.


Articles and reviews for Inventory, Building Design, the Museum of Installation, Blueprint, Art & Architecture Journal, Museum Practice and Museums Journal. Contributions to ‘Art and Artifact’ by James Putnam (Thames and Hudson, 2001). Essay in ‘House of Words’ published by Dr Johnson’s House, 2009.

Essay in ‘Museum of Capitalism’, 2017

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